Turning Point Church

Intercessory Prayer


February 5-10

Pray we stop sowing weeds and learn how to sow the incorruptible Word of God.     Mark 4:23-28

February 11-17

Pray the answer not the problem.  Let’s agree with God.  Thank Him for supplying all our needs.  Faith cometh by hearing, fear cometh the same way.  What are you listening to?  Agree with the Word.     Hebrews 11, Genesis 5:24, Numbers 12:7

February 18-24

Pray that the Lord Jesus will stretch out his hand of power through us to heal and move in signs and wonders in the name of Jesus.    Acts 4:30

February 26 – March 2

Jesus grew in favor with God and man.  If He grew so should I.  Ask God for the gift of growing in favor with Him.  Let’s follow Jesus’ lead and us this gift as a platform for His glory.     Luke 2:52

Continue steadfastly in prayer