Turning Point Church



January 2-8

God of our salvation escort us into Your truth.  Show us how to wrap our heart into yours and forget and false teachings we have learned.  Psalm 25:5

January 9-15

Lord help us wait for you, never becoming impatient or giving up.  Help us become strong and courageous in your strength.  Psalm 27:14

January 16-22

Teach us how to display the gospel with ever increasing effectiveness always giving the credit and glory to You.  Psalm 72:17-19

January 23-29

Believe God is really good to His children.  With God we shall do valiantly;  it is He who will tread down our foes.  Psalm 108:13, Psalm 73:1

January 30 – February 5

Fight evil like God instructs us to.  Our melodies of praise make Him famous and our praises break the powers of wickedness1  Psalm 75:10, Psalm 76