Turning Point Church

Intercession Team

August/September 2020

August 2 – 8

Lord help us if deceptive lies have crept into our minds.  Pray that unbelief never appears to us as wisdom.  If signs and wonders aren’t following you, examine your faulty belief system.  Mark 16:15-20

August 9-15

I pray we all learn what we must do so God’s word can do good!  Mark 11:23, Proverbs 4:20-23

August 16-22

Ask God if there is any part of scripture that we have misunderstood or misquoted.  Ask God how to interpret the following two verses.  Ex 5:26, Acts 10:3

August 23-29

Love people, believe God.  John 16:9 states the principal sin of people is that they do not believe.  We want people to confess Jesus as Lord.  John 16:7-10, Romans 10:10

August 30 – September 4

If Jesus Christ bore my sickness, why should I have to?  Matthew 8:17