Turning Point Church



July 4 – 10 

God will not manifest or dwell in a place that He is not revered or given the honor and respect He is due.  Give God what He desires, the #1 spot in your heart.  James 4:8-9, Isaiah 33:5-6, Psalm 89:7

July 11 – 17

Repentance is a life style, a continual process that draws heaven into plain view.  Pray that we understand repentance.  Proverbs 2:1-5, John 15:15, Psalm 25:14, Matthew 6:10

July 18 – 24

Pray we learn to recognize the ways of the Holy Spirit and cooperate with Him.  Learn the signs of His presence.  Psalm 37:4, Romans 8:5-6

July 25 – 31

See people in God’s grace and who they can become.  Ask God what His dream for us is.  Imagine the world as God does.  The Bible creates the perfect recipe for who we can become.  Rev 19:10