Turning Point Church

Intercessory Prayer


September 3 – 9

Lord, help our hearts always be open to the Holy Spirit.  We long to be teachable and always be consumed with awe as we worship the one true God.  Proverbs 9:10-11

September 10 – 16

Lord, help us to not forget the benefits of being one of God’s chosen.  Lord, we expect the book of Acts results.  Psalm 103, Acts 2, Hosea 4:6

September 17 – 23

Confessing God’s Word is fellowshipping with Him and faith building.  We are told to return God’s word to Him.  We do that by speaking it with authority.  Isaiah 55:11, Isaiah 57:19

September 24 – 20

Lord, you have given me abundant life.  I receive that life through your word.  Your word brings health and healing to every organ of my body.  John 10:10, John 6:63

Continue steadfastly in prayer