Turning Point Church

Intercessory Prayer


December 4-10

Pray we discern all the messages God is speaking to us.  Know the Word well and pray against blockages in our spiritual ears.  May we know the sound of  Your voice and all the ways you communicate.  Job 33:14-16

December 11-17

Pray we discern between the counterfeit and divine.  The counterfeit causes confusion, is contrary to the Word, doesn’t leave you with peace, and changes.  The divine leaves you with peace, even if it is correction.  It is constant and unchanging.  Pray we learn to remove the static and listen with discernment.  Psalm 85:8

December 18-24

Teach us how to open the door of our heart to hear God’s voice.  Clear out the noise by living to please Him.  Jeremiah 33:3, Daniel 2:22, John 16:25, John 16:13

December 25-31

Teach us how to really know you Jesus.  Daniel 11:32