Sunday School

Do you need to be taught a lesson?

During our renovation, our adult Sunday school is taught by Rod and Lin Willett via Zoom.  Log in every Sunday morning beginning at 8:45am, lesson begins at 9:00am.  Call the church office and leave your email address if you want Rod and Lin to email you the link!


From traditional, grade based lessons for kids to lecture and conversational style lessons for teens and adults, we have Bible lessons for everyone.   Weekly classes before our main service are an important part of our church family life.  It gives each of us an opportunity to learn from the Bible in a setting that encourages questions.  Thinking and comments are always allowed 🙂

Adult classes are in the chapel

Teens 13-18 are in the Youth Office to the right of the Information Counter

Grade school age classes are small, grade-geared classes that teach on specific topics and themes from the Bible each Sunday morning before Take Action Children’s Church. These are in various classrooms, stop by the information counter for your own personal guide.

Children ages 0-3 are in the Nursery from 9:30-12 in the care of loving and friendly Nursery volunteers